Bedfordshire Piano Meetup Group

Keen to promote performance opportunities for all, and inspired by colleagues Lorraine Liyanage and Frances Wilson with their London Piano Meetup Group to which she belongs,  Lorraine Womack-Banning has recently set up the new Bedfordshire Piano Meetup Group which, like the London Group aims to provide informal performance opportunities for adult pianists at all levels.

Pianists will bring along a prepared piece/pieces of around 5-10 minutes long to play to the group. As the group grows and develops, Lorraine hopes to add  to this various workshops and other performance opportunities.

The main aim of the group is to offer a supportive and friendly environment where keen pianists of all levels can share their love of music followed by a social event which will provide the chance to continue piano chat over a meal/drink.

The Bedfordshire Piano Meetup group have their first event on Sunday May 4th 2014, you can read more about this here:     Bedfordshire-Piano-Meetup-Group


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